Are you faceless? No Avatar?

Don't be faceless!

Do you read the comments on people’s blogs? Have you noticed how many anonymous posters there are out there? Does your eye get drawn to certain comments more than others?

I think you know what I mean – you read the ones with a face rather than the ones that are faceless! They stand out – that’s why!

Don’t be faceless! Put a face to your comment, preferably your face 🙂 It will help to build online relationships that will be beneficial to your business. It builds trust and helps mark your comment as a serious one rather than spam. And because it’s really easy to do!

Put your face out there!


Simply visit Gravatar and sign up for an account. Gravatar stands for Globally Recognised Avatar.  You only need your email address to sign up and it’s FREE. You will then receive a confirmation email including a link that will activate your account and allow you to set your password. Once you have created your account you can upload your image (preferably your face or possibly your logo!) and then you can associate any email addresses that you have with the account. You can associate different email accounts with different images if you want to.

Now every time you visit a blog and make a comment with one of the email addresses that you have associated with the Gravatar account your picture will appear next to your comment.

You’ll no longer be a suspect bot!