There are definitely some Wordpress plugins to avoid! Wordpress is a constantly evolving platform and has many plugins developed for use with it. Unfortunately, not all of these plugins evolve at the same rate as Wordpress and can cause problems with your site because of this.

Plugins are one of the biggest doorways for hackers to get access to your site – and you really want to do everything you can to avoid getting hacked! We’ll cover what to do if you have been hacked in a later post.

In the first instance avoid installing plugins that haven’t been updated recently and that also show to have not been tested with your version of WordPress (if you really need that plugin let an expert test it for you) – they’ll insure you don’t break anything by installing it.

Read the reviews of plugins that you are considering installing – see what issues other people have had with them.

How to avoid being exploited.

The biggest thing to remember is to keep all of your plugins up to date and to keep your Wordpress version current. You will sometimes notice that if you update Wordpress not all of your plugins will work correctly. This is simply because the plugin developers haven’t updated their plugins in time with the Wordpress updates. Most good developers will do this in a timely manner. But if you find your plugin has not been updated you should seriously consider not using it. Some plugins haven’t been updated in years, which is a sure sign that they have no current support for them and will likely cause you problems.

You will also likely have plugins installed on your site that aren’t activated and that you aren’t using. If this is the case, consider carefully if you are actually going to use this plugin – if the answer is no then simply delete the plugin – you can always re-install it at a later date if you find you need it.

How important is your website to your business?

Ask yourself what would happen if your business website was suddenly taken down or worse still infected with a phishing malware that was affecting your customers and potential customers. That wouldn’t look good for you, right? Sadly hackers are always ahead of the game but there are ways to safeguard your website. Bad or out of date plugins is an easy way in for the hacker.

This is why we offer a range of care plans to protect your website investment. Think of it like servicing your car. It’s better to get a regular service than a big bill when the engine drops out. We will check the plugins for you and make sure they are current and relevant and if not we will source an alternative for you.

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