Our Process

The Mission

I’ll bombard you with questions and make you reveal things you didn’t know you knew or wanted! We’ll dive as deep as we can go to find out what you’re hoping to achieve from your new, shiny website. It isn’t always easy but we’ll get there.

I may even give you homework!

The Sitemap

Once we have spoken and I have all the information I need I will build a visual sitemap just like this one >> That way we can all be on the same page as to what we are going to be building together. Visual sitemaps give a very clear picture of how the information will be structured.

The Dummy Run

Now’s the time to put something together so you can see it taking shape – this is the best time to change your mind on things (although if we got the first two steps right that shouldn’t happen – but hey – we get it – sh*t happens!

I’ll put together a bare bones prototype for you to take a look at – it won’t be pretty that’s for sure! [Sometimes we agree to skip right by this stage – and that’s okay too!]

The Design

Now we get to be all artsy fartsy, colour in the lines and add the bells and whistles! This is the fun bit! At least for us – you may find us nagging you for content and images. Thankfully we have a super cool, easy to use process to make that easy for you too.

The Launch

Now we get to make the magic happen behind the scenes and get your shiny, new website ready for launch. We’ll be testing and checking and checking and testing. Once everyone is happy it’s…

5… 4… 3… 2… 1…


Yes, Let's Get Started