You’ve set up your blog and identified your niche and now it’s time to start writing. But you need some ideas for things to blog about?

You know you need to attract readers to your blog This means you need QUALITY content and not just one or two blog posts, but rather a library of useful information to keep your readers engaged and coming back for more. But you’re sitting at the computer staring at the blank screen.

There’s not a single thought in your head that is of use!

Writer’s block can be a huge problem for novice and experienced bloggers alike.

Here are just a few ideas to kick-start the grey matter and get you writing:

  1. Make a list
    People love to read lists (You’re reading this one aren’t you?). You can make them fun or serious. They are easy to do and can be on more or less any topic you like.
  2. Encouragement
    Write a positive post offering encouragement to your niche market – use personal examples. It’s really not that hard to think of nice things to say about people is it?
  3. A money or time-saving tip
    Offer up one of your tips that you use on a daily basis.
  4. A Product Review – positive
    Rave about something! A piece of software that you use for blogging or just an everyday item that is relevant to your niche. Even better if the product has an affiliate link.
  5. A Product Review – negative
    There is nothing quite like bashing a product is there? Write about a service that has frustrated you and why you wouldn’t recommend it to your readers. Write responsibly and have your proof ready.
  6. Your favourite books
    They could be business or niche related. Books that you can’t live without and read over and over again.
  7. Social Media
    Twitter or Facebook? Pinterest or Linked In? Write a comparison detailing which is most useful for you.
  8. How To….
    Write a post detailing how you do something that would be useful for your niche market.
  9. Your blogging goals
    Put your own personal goals out there for your readers to see and make yourself accountable to them.
  10. Favourite Bloggers
    Write about other bloggers that inspire you. Top Five Business Bloggers, Top Five Food Bloggers, etc.
  11. Answer a question
    Reply to a question that a reader has asked on your blog or on your Social Media site.
  12. Interview Someone
    Write up a few questions and approach another blogger in your niche or someone that you admire.
  13. Keep it current
    Write about a current news story that is relevant to your niche.
  14. Google
    See what is trending on Google and write about it.
  15. Personal Development
    Write about an example of how you have improved yourself and how it might be relevant to the readers of your blog.
  16. Bucket List
    Everyone has one – write about some of the items on your bucket list and how you are working towards achieving them.
  17. Your mentor
    Write about someone that has had an influence on you in your career or life.
  18. Your student
    Write about a successful student of yours.
  19. A Survey
    Ask questions or survey your readers to find out what they might be looking for answers on.
  20. Review a post
    Find a blog post that is relevant to your niche and review it.
  21. Myth Buster
    Debunk a myth that is circulating in your niche.
  22. Be Controversial
    Nothing gets engagement from your readers like posting a controversial opinion – keep it polite though!
  23. Take a Stand
    Write about a cause that is close to your heart.
  24. Make a difference
    Write about how your online business is making a difference in your life and detail what things you are able to do because of it.
  25. A Passion
    Things we are passionate about are often the easiest to write about. For example, a hobby or cause you are into.
  26. A Struggle
    Write about something that you have personally struggled with in your business and show how you overcame it. You can guarantee someone else will be having the same or similar problem.
  27. Grab a Quote!
    Pick a relevant quote to your niche and discuss.
  28. Photo
    Find a photograph that inspires you and write about it. Make sure it’s ‘royalty free’ or you have permission to reproduce the photograph.
  29. Resources
    Write a post about the resources that are relevant to your niche.
  30. A Wish List
    Write about products or services that you would like to have if money were no option.
  31. Promote something
    Write a post that is directly promoting your own or someone else’s product.
  32. A Case Study
    Write a post about someone that has had success using a product of service of yours or that you recommend.
  33. Videos
    Create a video post, Make a video of yourself just talking about a subject relevant to your niche.
  34. Revamp an oldie
    Maybe you have an old post that needs updating or one that is still very relevant but you can add more information to it. Spruce up an old post with some fresh content.
  35. Something that happened to you today
    Something good or bad. Something that happened as a result of your online business.
  36. Go To Bed
    If all else fails take yourself off to bed. If you are anything like me, you’ll get some of your best inspiration when your head hits the pillow. Just make sure you have a notebook handy to jot those ideas down.