Website Audit

Make sure your website is in tip top shape......
Whether you offer products or services, your website is a key sales platform for your business. It’s one of the first things that your potential customers will see when they’re searching for a company like yours online.

Just like owning a car, it’s important that your website has regular maintenance to ensure that it’s delivering the best possible results.

With regular care and maintenance, you can ensure that your website is relevant to your target audience and that it stands out in your market.

Unfortunately, the “If you build it, they will come” mantra, does not crossover well into websites or any part of the modern business world. It’s not possible to build a website and magically have people find you.

If you don’t look after your website, make it easy to use, and keep it relevant to your target audience, you run the risk of losing potential customers to your competitors.

Our Website Check Up is designed for business owners who already have an established website. It's a combination of a website audit, competitor analysis and marketing strategy audit. When we're done we'll present you with an in-depth report of your current situation and a list of our recommended action steps to improve your website and marketing message. It also includes 2 hours of our time to help you get those action steps started.
Monthly Maintenance

What do we look at in your Website Audit?

It includes the following six areas:
Website Design
The design of your website and how it displays across different devices is one of the most important things to get right.

We'll review how your site appears to potential customers across various devices.
User Experience
Poor user experience is one of the most common reasons for a visitor to leave your website.

We'll check how easy it is for a customer to navigate your website.
Online Visibility
It’s important that your website is visible in the search engines, so that you can generate success.

We'll check your visibility in the search engines in comparison to your competitors.
Conversion Optimization
Conversion optimization is the process where you look to increase the percentage of visitors to your website who carry out a specific action.

We'll look at your marketing strategy and evaluate your CTA (Call To Action).
Website Performance
With website speed, first impressions really do count. A slow website will harm your business. You run the risk of them leaving and visiting a competitor’s site instead.

We'll test the speed and loading times of your website across different devices.
Website Security
Whilst not specifically related to sales on the front-end, the security of your website is vitally important, particularly if your website were to be hacked or go offline.

We'll run security checks to do a risk assessment on your site.

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