This is just a reminder that we chart our own course in life and business.

Yes, we can complain and whine about how unlucky we are and how life is unfair!

But if things aren’t going well in your life – change them!

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What can I do to change?

  • Learn a new skill. There are a variety of free online courses that you can take to learn something new.
  • Take up a hobby.
  • Start playing a sport or exercising. It doesn’t cost you anything to walk!
  • Hang out with positive people – they will motivate you!
  • Start a blog – use your story to educate or entertain others.
  • Make an effort to be more grateful.
  • Be more positive.
  • Start to believe in yourself – others will if you do!

There’s just a handful of low-cost ways you can start to change the direction you are going.

Whether you do them is up to the set of your sails and not the wind…