Before you go jumping in with both feet and start looking for a web designer to redesign your site you would do well to question why you need to redesign it in the first place. There are multiple reasons for revamping your website but a redesign for a solid reason will ensure your new site doesn’t do exactly the same as your old site.

Don’t get me wrong! “Because I hate it and I want a new one’ is still a valid reason. But delve a little deeper and work out why you hate it. Here are some of the reasons your site might need a redesign:

It’s old

Just like that old sofa at your Grandma’s house, websites can and do date. They start to look stale and old fashioned. Websites trends change all the time and if your site still has a flash video and scrolling marquees it might be time for a change. Not to mention the fact that Google will hate your site as much as your visitors.

Another reason a site can become stale is outdated content. Have you added anything new in the last 3 years? If not, are you going to add new content regularly to your new site? Otherwise you’ll just end up in the same boat in a few year’s time. Your visitors (and Google) want to see fresh, relevant content on your site that shows you are giving it the TLC it deserves.

Another major issue with old sites is that they weren’t designed to be responsive. That’s a huge problem today with the high percentage of consumers using mobile devices. Your visitors expect to be able to scroll away on their smartphones while sipping their lattes.

Outdated sites aren’t appealing and you will lose visitors to other competitors with fresher looking, modern sites.

Performance is poor

Why do you need a website in the first place? Every business or individual should have a goal for their website. It may be to educate your followers or to bring in more sales by displaying your products or services online. Either way if it’s not reaching its goals, it’s time for a redesign or you need to redefine your goals.

How do you know if the site is reaching it’s goals or not? Performance isn’t just a case of looking at the stats to see where the traffic is coming from. You should have clearly defined metrics which may include number of sales or how many people click through to another website that you are marketing. These clearly defined metrics can then be used to measure conversions. If your site doesn’t convert well then it’s time for a redesign. You may get a ton of traffic visiting and browsing your site but no conversions then your site is performing poorly and you need to consider why that is and take steps to rectify it.

Poor performance can also be as a result of a poorly designed website that isn’t optimized properly. The use of outdated code and large images all slow down the loading of websites. And again, in this day and age of mobile technology people just don’t want to wait for a website to load up on their smartphone. Google has also started to reward faster sites with higher rankings in their search results. Another perfectly good reason for a website redesign.

Your business has changed

Maybe it’s time for a re-brand! Did you change your logo or business direction. Implemented a new colour scheme in your marketing? It’s important that your branding, the way you are identified by consumers, stays consistent throughout all aspects of your business, from your logo on your employee’s shirts to your business cards and website. It’s how you become recognised by consumers and how you become established in their minds.

Re-branding your business can be a complicated process depending on the size of your business. But it should always include a redesign of your website as that is often the first impression consumers get of your business. It’s the window to your business that gets the most eyeballs.

So what next?

You’ve decided that you can’t live with that old site any longer, what’s your next step?

Firstly, you need to decide what the goal of your new website will be so that you can effectively track conversions. Otherwise there’s little point in a website redesign!

Then decide what content you want to keep from your existing website. Dust it off and give it a revamp maybe. Update any information that’s not relevant and create any new content that you need. Don’t be afraid to ditch any content that is irrelevant or performs poorly. Google Analytics is a great tool for helping you decide what’s in and what’s out.

You’ll need to audit the existing content and keep a track of any content that might still perform well as you don’t want to lose any existing Google traffic that has built up for a popular post or article. There are ways to keep the ‘Google Juice’ flowing to the new site.

Sometimes the content on your site is fine, it’s just the way it’s presented that causes the poor performance. Much like when we redecorate a room but keep the same furniture. Maybe your website just needs a new coat of paint and a new set of curtains. Often rearranging how the content is presented can vastly improve your conversions. An experienced web designer will offer insight into the best designs to reach your goal.

At Maple Moon Web Design we have over 25 years of working with customers on their websites. We have redesigned some of our own client’s sites many times to improve them. Each new reiteration serving a purpose to move the business forward. It’s not just about choosing what new colour to paint the walls with. We delve deeper into your business to evaluate your goals and help you achieve and surpass them. Our ongoing marketing plans are designed to keep your site up to date and relevant when you don’t have time to do it yourself. We are knowledgeable about the best ways to improve your site’s performance and enhance your business.

So if you’ve decided ‘you hate your website’, talk to us and we’ll help you identify your goals and work with you to achieve them and you’ll get a shiny new website that’ll you’ll love in the process!