How do you handle the everyday routines in your business?

If you are doing the same thing over and over again, you should ideally take the time to write a ‘How To’, step by step guide so that you could easily pass the task off to someone else.

Now, you may not want to pass the task off to anyone at this stage in your business because you’re not ready or funds don’t allow you to. But getting into the habit of writing down your systems is a great way to eliminate disorder and chaos from your business.

What’s your ultimate business goal?

I’m not sure about you but I don’t want to work forever and neither is my business a hobby that I can just do bits of when I feel like it. At some point I want a business that I can transfer to someone else, preferably with a large exchange of dollars!!!

Having the way you do things documented will make your business sell-able. These procedures are called SOPs, which stands for Standard Operating Procedures. Don’t panic, if the thought of writing procedures puts you in a cold sweat! Your SOPs could also be in the form of a video to show someone how you do things or even a simple check list.

Develop A Methodical Way Of Thinking

  • Every time you do something in your business, ask yourself, “Is this something I do often?” If the answer is yes you should develop a protocol for that task.
  • Use tools that help document the way you do things. e.g. Microsoft One Note or Evernote.
  • Set up cheat sheets and check lists for your most common tasks.
  • Is the task you do often, a task that other business owners would also do? Turn your system into a profit-making product that would benefit other business owners.

In order to develop transferable systems you need to also understand your own triggers.

Do you…

  • Work better with a deadline? Does that motivate you to get things done in a more efficient way?
  • What type of work environment do you prefer for the task? Loud music or complete silence? Learn what states you put yourself in to complete certain tasks.

Communication is Vital!

If you have co-workers, sub-contractors. a downline or team then systems are essential. You need to be able to communicate effectively to those you work with in order to make your business profitable.

Outsource it….

Once you have your systems in place you can easily outsource the more mundane tasks. As mentioned previously, you may not be at this stage with your business but be open to partnering with other people in some skill swapping – not everything has to be done for a $$ fee.

And finally….

As with anything in business you need to be aware of the consequences should you change your system at some point. Well established systems often have a long reach. But that shouldn’t deter you from fine tuning existing systems should the need arise.

Do you have systems in place for routine tasks? Leave a comment below to let me know what systems you have and what tools you use to help you make those systems.

If you need help in developing your own systems please contact me.