Why should I blog?

It’s a common question people ask all the time, why should I blog? What’s the point? What’s in it for me? What if I don’t know what to write about? Why should I take the time and make the commitment to firstly set up a blog and then fill it with interesting articles that people will want to read?

Well people blog for all sorts of reasons. There are those who make money from blogging – a lot of money! Others just want to tell their story. They have experienced something in life that they wish to share with other people and maybe by doing so will help others in the process. Whatever your reason for blogging, you need to find out what motivates you because without that motivation you won’t be able to produce that constant flow of information or content to attract readers and keep them waiting with baited breath for your next blog post.

Let’s look at 5 different reasons why people blog and see if you can find your motivation!

Sharing Experience

Have you done something unusual or overcome diversity in your life. Writing about your own life experiences and sharing them with others can be therapeutic. It can also be entertaining and interesting for readers who may be interested in trying what you have done or those that have shared your challenges. Depending on your experiences you should be able to create a lot of content. This leads directly to our next reason.

Helping Others

If your blog content can solve common problems experienced by certain audiences then you may have found a niche market you can help. These types of blogs generally attract a large and loyal following and are the easiest to monetize. You need to know enough about the topic to be seen as an expert in order to help solve the problems of your readers. It will, however, take some time to establish the following.

Why should I blog?
Why should I blog?

Insightful Ponderings

Some people just love to write.  Maybe you love sports and want to share your opinion of the latest signing by your local NHL or NFL team or maybe you have an opinion about the way your country is governed. Even if you just want to share your thoughts on the latest book you’ve read, blogging about it is a good way of getting people involved and engaged. Remember that these can’t just be your crazy rantings, your content needs to be insightful and challenge your readers to think.

Just because you love it

If you are passionate about something the chances are there are like-minded people out there that share your passion and they will enjoy reading your thoughts. It’s easy to write about things you are passionate about, the same way that you love to talk about them. Develop some quality content and create a place where your fellow enthusiasts will visit time and time again. This type of blog can also be monetized with offers relevant to your interest.

Motivate Others

Are you one of life’s little sunbeams? Do you have a way of ‘picking’ your friends up when they are down in the dumps? If so then share your talent and help others realize their true potential by motivating them. We all like to read about uplifting stories. Not only will you help others but you will gain a sense of gratification yourself. Using a blogging platform to coach people is a great way of spreading a little of your sunshine!

So are you still asking yourself ‘Why should I blog?’ If you are, the chances are you’re not cut out to blog. It takes strong motivation to commit to creating article after article of quality content that people will find entertaining enough to come back and visit your blog again and again. Even more motivation is required if you want to make money from your blog. It’s one thing to find readers for quality free content but to get them to spend their hard-earned cash is another matter.

If you are motivated by any of the above reasons then you may have what it takes to be a successful blogger! If you can add a little determination to that motivation then you may be profitable with your blogging also. But let’s face it, how will you really know unless you give it a try?